Sequential Circuits Pro One

The Pro One is a powerful and very versatile analog mono synthesizer from the early eighties. Itís a true vintage classic and arguably one of the best mono synths ever made. The sound is awesome and it’s used extensively as bass on Antilles tracks.

The filter has a very clear and aggressive character. It’s not really suited for soft and subtle tones. The envelopes are super fast, which makes it perfect for snappy and percussive sounds. There are two oscillators which features saw, pulse (with variable pulse width) and tri waveforms. All waveforms can be mixed together to create new waveforms. There’s also oscillator sync, an oscillator mixer and white noise. The LFO also features saw, pulse and tri waveforms and they can also be mixed together. Finally there’s an input for proccesing external audio signals through the filters, envelopes and modulation of the Pro One.

The Pro One also has extensive modulation possibilities, which makes it possible to create very complex sounds and patches. This complexity is unususal for a small vintage analog monosynth. Futhermore it has an arpeggiator and even a small simple sequencer. The Pro One excells at basses, leads and sound effects.

Audio samples

Drummachine Drum sounds made with the Pro One. No effects or compression.

Demo 1 Multitrack. All Pro One.

Demo 2 Another multitrack. All Pro One sounds.

Goodbye 70’s riff A little attempt at that Yazoo sound.

Pro One Patches with audio samples:

303 A 303 acid like sound.

Fat lead A fat lead sound with slightly detuned oscillators and pulse width modulation. Notice that the PWM is set to ‘wheel’, making the MOD wheel control the amount of PMW.

Effect 1 A nice self-resonant effect Adjust LFO frequency to adjust speed.

Ring modulation A ring modulation like sound.

Blank patchsheet