“A mix between italo-disco / synthpop with modern sounds and some tracks that one could almost call ballads (synthpop with added acoustic elements). Antilles offers a gripping first album, with the best vocal of Anne Christine. The duo has defined their own style and each song is unique. The album is far from being a mere collection of déjà vu and monotonous and shows a duo without artifice. Verdict: 8 / 10” Electroandpop

”The electronic pop of ANTILLES is catchy and melodic, often gentle and dreamy. Some tracks are contemplative, without displaying any artificial gloominess. ANTILLES continues a long tradition of New Romantic Pop, being sometimes reminiscent of Italo-Disco, only with more depth, or X-Perience, only with less sugar. The pure synthpop is enriched by some deliberate accoustic elements.”

“A lot of variety in tempo, rhythm and effects does not allow for boredom and gives each track its own character and in 5-6 minutes is enough air for good tension and a long instrumental passages. From the opener “Longing for the spring” with brittle nonchalance to a few cool moves invites widespread “Nostalgia” named below rather playful, childlike charm.”

”I urge you to listen to Antilles even if the mentioning of “80s-synthie-pop” usually makes you run away as far as you can. You might find the songs extremely charming and uplifting and deeper than they might seem at first. I fell in love with this perfect pop at the first minute, and who knows… the same might happen to you! The 80s have never sounded that good!”Music At The Moment

“Contrasting their sound with a mix of Italo-esque upbeat synthpop and breezy downtempo tracks, Antilles seem very able to handle all directions within the electronic pop field. Vocalist Anne Christine handles her output with delicacy, her voice smooth as silk over David Witkowski’s dreamy electronics. Ten pop pearls inhabit “Something New”, an album far from monotone club beats and over-the-top distortion.”Release Magazine

ANTILLES are musically somewhere between New Romantics, current Chart breakers and/or X-Perience classify. Comparisons are difficult and also unnecessary. ANTILLES have their own style: Sometimes playful, here and there a little kitschy and again beautiful. Songs like “Nostalgia” or “Longing for the Spring” but also “Friendly Fire”, which without the computer altogether, show a fresh and sympathetic band, which we would like to hear more from!”

”The music of Antilles is at the intersection of synthpop and Italo disco. However, with a more modern touch. I think it is an excellent album. Production is first class and I there are no bad tracks. Influences are clear and the love for the delightful atmosphere of the eighties is an important ingredient.”

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