Roland VK-09 Electronic Organ

The VK-09 is somewhat rare analog organ from 1981. It has 2 sets of drawbars, with only 6 drawbars in each set, unlike the usual 9 drawbars. The first set of drawbars with sine waves that emulates Hammond organs, and the other with square waves that emulates the brighter sounding combo organs like Farfisa and Vox. The cool thing is that both sets of drawbars can be combined for new interesting sounds.

The VK-09 features a nice chorus ensemble with slow and fast settings. The slow chorus on the VK-09 is a flanger-like effect, and it’s very similar, if not identical to the third ensemble mode on the RS-505, all though not in stereo. The fast setting is supposed to emulate a Leslie speaker, but doesn’t really sound like it. It’s pretty good though anyway. There’s also a percussion section, with various degree of percussion that adds a clicking sound to the attack, like on the old Hammonds. Last but not least, there’s a sustain knob with adjustable delay.

The VK-09 also has a Gate Out, that can trigger the envelope generator of another synth with Gate In. Thus it’s possible to send the audio output of the VK-09 through a synthesizer with external audio input and filter the VK’s sounds, and at the same time trigger the envelope generator of the that synth, to shape the sound.

Audio demo samples:

Dødens triumf The sine drawbars with the fast chorus vibrato (Leslie emulation).