Korg Triton

The Korg Triton workstation has been the flagship synthesizer of the setup for many years. In fact, in the early days, The Triton WAS the Antilles setup. Using only the internal sequencer and effects and no computer. With a lot of other synthesizers in the setup today, it doesn’t get used as much anymore, but it’s stil a great and useful synthesizer.

The Triton is basically a ‘Rompler’ – a synthesizer playing stored samples of real instruments, voices and various synthesizer waveforms. But the Triton also features a little sampler of its own.

I primarily use the Triton for playing real instruments such as strings, choirs, brass and reed instruments, but also the great Drumkits get plenty of use. It’s not great for very analog-type synthesizer sounds, because the filter is pretty thin and digital sounding, however the more modern electro-type sounds are very good.

The samples and articulation of real instruments and choirs are generally quite good and useful. It also has a lot of good synthetic waveforms, like the DWGS waveforms which I really like. The stockpile of sounds also features some nice synth-leads and pads. The bender wheel and ribbon controller allows for great musical expression.

Some expansion boards have been released to increase the sonic possibilities of the Triton. I have had the MOSS-board installed, which is basically a Korg Z1 synthesizer (which was a polyphonic version of the Korg Prophecy). The synth engine is based on physical modeling synthesis, which includes analog modeling and other types of real instruments such as brass, reed, strings and organ. It’s a very unique synth which can sound like anything from analog to FM synthesis. However the bright and digital character of the sound didn’t really appeal to me and I never really fully understood the programming. I have also had the Orchestral expansion board installed. It has a lot of sampled waveforms of strings, brass, woowinds and other orchestral instruments.

Audio samples:

Casper’s Lullaby Complete song created in Triton’s internal sequencer.