Hohner String Melody II

Hohner String Melody II is a stringer synthesizer. Stringer synths were produced mainly in the seventies to recreate the sounds of strings. Off course they don’t really sound like real strings, but thats exactly the charm. The crisp synthetic sound is unique. They were used extencivly on records from the early seventies to the early eighties. The best known stringer is probably the Arp Solina, but there were many other produced.

The Hohner String Melody II (Also produced under the name Logan String Melody II) is arguebly among the best stringers from this time. It sounds warm and synthetic – just like it should. It has that really fat chorus ensemble which is featured on most of the old stringers. Being just a string synthesizer it offers only basic editing: attack and Release and drawbars for Violin, Viola and Cello. The keyboard is divided into a lower and upper section called Bass and Treble. The lower section also offers an additional Bass section with a monophonic Bass and Perc. The perc will add a ‘thump’ to the Bass sound to work as a fast attack.

As with other stringers it sounds really great when being processed through a phaser effect. The idea of proccesing a stringer through a phaser came from Jean Michel Jarre I believe. Like Jarre, I use the guitar phaser pedal, the Electo Harmonix Small Stone.

Audio samples

Orch. Orchestra preset with Small Stone Phaser.

String Melody. Solo preset with only viola at upper section and bass and viola at lower section.