Roland Paraphonic RS-505

The Paraphonic RS-505 is a string machine with a synth and bass section.

The string section has two preset sounds for upper and lower section of the keyboard. The strings can be set at 4’ or 8’ or a mix in between, and there also a simple AR envelope. The string section itself is nowhere in the league of some of the other stringers of the time, like the String Melody II for example. But adding the synth section will do wonders.

The synth section has its own filter with cutoff and resonance controls, ADSR envelope and a LFO with a delay option.

The bass section really adds a massive deep roar to the bottom end. There’s also an AR envelope for the bass. The bass section also has its own audio output.

The nicest thing about the Paraphonic RS-505 is the glorious stereo ensemble chorus. It really adds a dimension to the sound (pun intended; The ensemble chorus is simular, if not identical to the Roland Dimension D effect unit). The 505 also features an external audio input, to run other audio sources through the ensemble chorus.

Audio samples

Paraphonic A multitrack only using the Paraphonic 505.