Roland SH-09

The Roland SH-09 is a monophonic analog synthesizer from the late seventies. It’s small and compact, but sounds great. It has a single oscillator with a suboscillator.

The SH-09 has that typical early Roland synth architecture and layout. The oscillator has Saw, Square, Noise and variable Pulse Width waveforms. The pulse width can be controlled manually, by LFO or by the envelope. There’s an LFO with Sine, Square and Sample & Hold (random) waveforms. There’s also a delay time option for the Sine LFO. The LFO can modulate the filter and volume.

I really like the sound of the early Roland filters. The filter on the SH-09 is very warm and responsive. The filter can be put into self-oscillation with the resonance, creating a sine wave. A cool thing is you can use the oscillating filter and the normal oscillator at the same time, thus making the SH-09 sort of a 2 oscillator synth.

There’s also an input for external audio, which is cool for using it’s filter on other synths or audiosources.

Audio demo samples:

(external delay and/or reverb added)

Spacie A multitrack with all SH-09 sounds including drums. Only the chords are not SH-09 (JD-800).

Oldschool A short SH-09 multitrack oldschool style.

Dr. Who A pure sine wave created by a self-oscillating filter. The oscillator (VCO) is turned off.

Whistle Another self-oscillated sine wave mixed with VCO’s noise to create a whistle-like sound.

Drawbar organ Another self-oscillated sine wave mixed with VCO and sub-oscillator creating a 3 octave organ sound.