Antilles Antilles is light electro pop with a catchy sound. The musical style is simple and straightforward with a romantic and aesthetic soundscape. Antilles is primarily inspired by the new romantic movement and synth-pop from the early to mid eighties. Some of Antilles songs have occasionally been referred to as Italo-pop.

While most contemporary synth-pop acts are rather dark, or crossing over into trance or industrial, Antilles is mostly about making joyfully tuneful synth-pop. Even so, there’s a duality to Antilles. There’s also a slightly darker side. Especially lyrically with songs like Another Day, Friendly Fire and Anywhere But Here. But who says that melodic pop doesn’t mix with meaningful lyrics anyway?

The Album “Something New”

Something New The album, ”Something New” is a collection of catchy, synthesizer-driven pop songs. It’s is a mix of upbeat synth-pop and some slower and more personal songs.

The album includes ten songs that has been recorded over the last 3 years. All though most of the songs has been available to download before, all of the tracks has been mastered and some have been remixed.

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Latest News

We have recorded the very first song for the next album! The song is still untitled.

New Antilles EP released by Iventi Records/Energy Level. Featuring extended versions of You And Me, Friendly Fire and Longing For The Spring, plus a previously unreleased song: Scene Of The Crime.

Listen to all the songs in the mediaplayer. If you don’t have flash installed, download it here.